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Exercise That Are Good For Your Back

However there are a few forms of exercises that if done correctly are great for the back muscles. Unless it is a severe injury or irrecoverable muscle damage, these exercises are not only safe but might also help to strengthen your back in the long run.

# Walking- Walking, not running though is a great and safe form of exercise. It works the entire body and does not stress any specific body part. The right kind of shoes, a decent pace and a suitable surface like the sand or a walking track or even in the outdoors will ensure that the back does not get affected whilst walking.

# Swimming- Swimming is known to be the best form of workout for a bad back. It works the back muscles and strengthens them. It also helps to strengthen the core and provides an overall workout of the body.

# Yoga- Slow, conventional, dynamic yoga forms are safe for people with back problems. Especially when monitored by yoga experts who know the good forms from the bad ones. Certain poses or ‘asanas’ may affect the back adversely but most other yoga poses are highly beneficial and include intensive stretching which helps to lessen stiffness, reduce pain and open out the back.

# Supervised gym exercises- Lifting weights and running on the treadmill is a big no but most certified and experienced trainers know of specific gym exercises and stretches that are particularly good for the back. Most commonly back problems amongst youth are caused due to weak hamstrings and trainers will work on strengthening these, eventually leading to a strong back.

# Physiotherapy-Any certified physiotherapist will be able to make you do stretches and exercises that will strengthen your back. Physiotherapy is particularly effective in case of recovery from injuries and damages.

# Cycling- Invest in a good stationery bike, preferably a recumbent bike. A recumbent bike has a full back support and is bound to protect the back from slouching and thus turning stiff or sore. Also cycling does not require moving of the back as much as other forms of exercises like aerobics, Zumba dancing, step climbing etc.

# Pilates- A relatively new exercise form Pilates is believed to be one of the best ways to improve postures and reduce back pain. Pilates is said to be therapeutic and is especially effective for low back pain because it strengthens abdominal and back muscles and increases overall flexibility and balance.