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Tips to Staying Fit for New Mom

# Stay hydrated

Very few people are consuming as much water each day as they think. Your body needs plenty of water, not just because you’re nursing, but to help flush the toxins out of your body, keep your energy level high and keep your skin healthy. You should be drinking a minimum of 8-12 cups of water each and every day.

# Eat often

Three meals a day may keep you alive, but it won’t provide you with the optimal benefits. Eating four or five small meals each day will keep your energy level higher and your metabolism stimulated – to burn fat, rather than store it. Tie your feeding to the baby’s and you’re much less likely to miss a meal.

# Fresh and Natural

Stay away from packaged food and snacks. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for the win! Keep some sliced fruit and veggies on hand for snacking all day, as that will keep your metabolism percolating and help keep your energy level high. It’ll also help toddlers start forming healthy eating habits that will stand them in good stead their entire lives.

# Get plenty of protein

Ensuring a high-protein diet will help your body rebuild itself after the demands of a pregnancy, while providing your nursing newborn with the nutrition for his/her own bodybuilding. It’ll also help you feel satisfied, without delivering a lot of waist-expanding calories.

# Take those vitamins!

You should be used to this, as you were probably taking prenatal vitamins throughout most of your pregnancy. Don’t let a good habit die. Your system will be in recovery for some time, so vitamin supplements are still a great tool, whether you’re nursing or not.

# Walk your way to fitness

Your doctor will usually give you a go-ahead to begin walking just a few weeks after delivery, and this is a fantastic way to harvest benefits for yourself and your baby. You’ll be spending more time with your baby, while he’s seeing the world around him. You’ll probably also be ready to get outside for a change by now, and shake off the doldrums of inactivity. When your baby is old enough, ask your pediatrician if you can make use of a jogging stroller, so you can even work in some outdoors HIIT.

# Get your rest

You should appreciate by now how important it is to your general well-being to get enough sleep. Babies sometimes keep us up through a good portion of the night, and we need to make up for that when we can. Take some naps with your baby, or get someone to help watch them for you so you can get your sleep. It’s crucial to your general health and you certainly won’t have the energy for any workouts if you’re dead on your feet.